Show #37 : The Action Packed Show!

Show #37

We announce our XBLA 2006 Squad XP.com Party, Squad -=XP=- Version 3.0, an upcoming Interview with Arron Greenberg (Xbox Live Group Manager), Video Review of the Datel XSATA Hard Drive Transfer Kit, and our New -=XP=- Logos. I crack on Julez XP and Rodder XP while giving an entertaining story about what happened to me a week ago. I Re-review Prey because it infact is a good game. Review Frogger and NCAA Football 07. Splinter Cell Multiplayer Video Content out, XBL Marketplace rundown, Nintendo DS's are cracking. Gears of War in theaters now, ESPN & EA, Test Drive Price point and the list goes on. You can't miss this show!

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