Show #70 The Foam Party!

THIS SHOW WILL NOT WORK ON THE FLASH PLAYER. DOWNLOAD IT DIRECTLY FROM THE SQUAD XP SITE. Sony gets it's rumble back, GTA 4 Trailer is on it's way, DDR is out, Modest Mouse is the Artist of the month, Lost Planet is fixed and has maps on the way, Marketplace info, and much much more. We check your emails and go back to the topic of "What's to high a number?". We talk about what really happens in foam party's. We also have a new relationship segment that you don't want to miss.

Mailing info:

Squad XP
16154 sw 44th LN
Miami, FL 33185

Relationship Segment: girls@squadxp.com

NOTE: We are aware of the sound problems. We've been testing different audio solutions the past few weeks. The sound will get smoothed out over the course of the next few weeks.