Show #113 Kickin' it Old School

Download Now (06/30/2008)

E3 is coming up and we give you the heads up on where to get all your E3 Info. M$ releases a tool to fix the DRM issue... yup we feel the same way... "It's about time!" The 360 Premium to drop to $299.99, Call of Duty World @ War is on its way features they'll include hint toward what might be included in the next installment that Infinity Ward creates, and THQ Says Saints Row 2 will be different than GTA 4. I go ahead and give you my 2 cents. As always I toss in a few stories and be sure to send "Get Well Soon" msgs to Rodder since he decided to be a Vagina and not make this weeks episode, lol. Stay subscribed and tell your friends. What are you waiting for, download the show now.

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