Show #121 Sit Back and Get Loose

Download Now (09/15/2008)

This week we sit back and enjoy some beers... um scratch that. I enjoyed a beer and Rodder supported me. We talked XBLA. Seems M$ has been hard at work getting us some worthy titles. Burnout gets an update, yup another one. I share some story's about Absinthe, how ended up @ the post office when I know I fell asleep in a house. Any a bunch of entertaining things. Oh yea, our relationship segement is a good one. One guys is dead and his buddy wants to move in on his chick. How long should he wait??? My friend Liz helps us break it down. We also talk about Rock Band 2 somewhere in there. Enjoy it, stay subscribed and tell your friends. Even if they're forum buddy's.

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